The Courage To Walk Your Own Path

People’s lives are much like paths found in nature. They are drawn over time, often cross and intersect and join with one another.  Anyone walking down a path in the woods will notice other paths that they cross.  Isn’t it natural to ask where does that path lead?   However this road, this trip, like all great adventures is not without its demons, fears, and heavy weights to carry.  Just like there can be no ease without disease, any joy without sadness, there can be no journey without setbacks or delays. 

I see my work as a psychotherapist as a sort of travel companion along these paths, at least for a short time. My encouragement of their own personal journey, where they can find their own rewards, is partially and admittedly selfish. The time sharing the experience brings its own power and its own momentum.  The power someone brings on the journey propels me: someone moves and I am moved, they take a step, I bare witness and I am moved

Is the design of our lives beyond understanding?  Can we fathom the Universe's great design any more than we can fathom Its creations?  We see with eyes that are blocked from the vision that lies beyond –but only partially.  We somehow are allowed to see our potential, but not actually know the process (or path) we should take to get there.  Vision for our own path is a gift that should not be squandered or taken for granted. 

Our lives take many different courses, some marked, many more unmarked. The crossings are no accident.  Do not think in terms of coincidences.  The Universe provides the opportunity for us to meet and we affect each other forever.  Those who have the vision to see the opportunities and the courage to seize them will experience great joy that life has to offer.  Those that cannot or will not see those opportunities, or worse, fear to act on them, will never be happy and will live diminished lives.  Each one of our lives is a challenge that The Universe presents to us and if we are willing to take the challenge our rewards will be great.

It is my most sincere belief, coming from the deepest part of my soul, that this great journey and the courage it takes to travel it, will reward us with the gift of self, the gift of wholeness and the gift of truth.  What more can we mere mortals ask?

It would be my honor to  help you on your own journey. Please contact me if you seek counsel on "your road less travelled."