Radical Acceptance In Therapy

The ideas of Tara Brach's Radical Acceptance has become a common refrain in my work. I find that people suffer a great deal when they hold onto ideas, beliefs and feelings that are hold-outs from past experiences. Radical Acceptance teaches us that in order to allow new energies, new experiences, new power, new love-- to enter our hearts and souls, we must learn to let go of these negative blocks that keep us closed. When we accept the things we can not change and forgive the people or circumstances that have wronged us in some way, we clear the way for acceptance - the acceptance of love, prosperity, connection, health and happiness.

Radical Acceptance is not passive; it is not apathetic. Radical Acceptance is a pro-active idea that brings acceptance into consciousness. Knowing what you cannot control allows you to actively pay attention the things you can control- your words and your actions. The bringing into consciousness is an important aspect to Radical Acceptance. Our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us is often imbedded in the unconscious. It is taught to us from the day we are conceived. Society, politics, religion, family culture all contribute to our subconscious understanding of ourselves and how we see the world.  Bringing it forward to the conscious mind can be a healing and enlightening experience.

If your are interested in discovering those things that may be blocking you from your true self, it would be my honor to work with you.