Couples therapy

Couples therapy offers you an opportunity to explore your intimate relationship in a safe and judgement free environment. Regardless of how long you have been in your relationship, couples often find themselves stuck in the ways they relate to one another. As a couple, therapy can help you address:

  • your shared sense of meaning and experience
  • your priorities, values and what you find sacred
  • your shared goals and dreams
  • a deeper understanding of each others philosophies, ethics, religious beliefs and morals
  • a deeper knowledge and understanding of each other's histories and cultural meanings

My therapeutic approach to couples therapy is largely informed by John Gottman's research into why relationships succeed or fail.   His research shows that couples therapy should involve accomplishing these three goals: 1) learn how to deescalate negative affects during conflicts, 2) learn to increase positive affects during conflicts and 3) increase positive affects outside of conflicts. Additionally, we can address potential disengagement and emotional distances that may have developed over the course of your relationship.