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Fees For Services 

  • $215 for a 50-minute evaluation and consultation

  • $190 for a 50-minute individual therapy session

  • $200 for a 50-minute couples therapy session

  • $50 for a 75-minute group therapy session

I offer limited sliding scale fees, so people at all income levels can work with me.  Ask me for more information. 


I no longer accept insurance. However, if you have a PPO plan, you may be able to use your “out of network” benefits. It is your responsibility to find out from your insurance company whether or not your plan will reimburse you for your psychotherapy sessions and to what extent.  HMO plans generally do not allow out-of-network reimbursement.

As a courtesy, I will submit claims to your insurance company if your plan accepts "out of network" providers. Your insurance company with then reimburse you directly.

Psychotherapy is typically covered by pre-tax Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs). Check with your carrier or your human resources representative to get more information.  

Group Therapy: Given the specialized dynamics of group therapy, it is a customary practice that members pay for membership in the group and not the session.  Typically, group therapy is either paid at time of service or in advance for each month of membership. Again, as a courtesy, I will submit group therapy claims to your insurance company as an “out of network” provider.

Why Insurance May Not Be For You

Not everyone wants to use their insurance to pay for therapy. You may want to have more autonomy and independence when choosing something as important as a psychotherapist and want higher levels of confidentiality. You may want to avoid a "mental health diagnosis" on record for work, security or personal reasons. Additionally, my primary focus and responsibility should be to you and not a managed care company who's values fundamentally differ from those of psychotherapy.


I accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express

Cancelation Policy

I require 24 business hours of notice to cancel your psychotherapy appointment.  If you either miss your appointment or cancel after that time frame, you will be billed the full fee for the session. It is customary that group therapy is billed whether or not you attend each session.