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group therapy

Group Therapy

Self-Exploration And Growth

Group therapy is an effective and often powerful means of self-exploration and growth. Themes in group cover issues of shame, loneliness, grief, anxiety, disconnection, isolation, worry and anger.

Some key therapeutic factors that make group therapy so powerful are:

  • gain a boost of self-concept through extending help to other group members.

  • recognize that other members’ success can be helpful and develop optimism for yourself.

Guy Croteau - Group Therapy
  • group provides members with an environment that fosters adaptive and effective communication

  • begin to build trust and experience feelings of belonging

  • release strong feelings about past and present experiences

  • gain personal insight about interpersonal impact through feedback provided by other members

  • gain insight into psychological motivation underlying behavior and emotional reactions

As a board member of the Northeast Society of Group Psychotherapy and over 18 years of group therapy experience and training, I offer a group experience that is both safe and dynamic.

Men’s Support Group
Tuesday Evenings 7:00-8:15

A psychotherapy group for men seeking a supportive environment to explore inner experiences and share with others. The purpose is to gain better insight into one’s self and relationships. Explore thoughts, feelings and experiences that may be preventing you from functioning at your highest level.

Mens support group
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