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Therapy in Boston

What Can You Expect?

Who Am I?

What Can I Do For You?
What Makes Me So Special That You Should Call Me?

All good and reasonable questions. I come to this profession of psychotherapy after working for 20 years in the information technology field. I learned late in my life the power of self-awareness and the power of listening to our inner self.

I discovered to trust my own intuition about how my life should be lived. I learned courage to face my own fears and shortcomings – and with age I hope to have gained a bit of wisdom along the way.

About Me - Guy Croteau

Working Together

When we work together, we will begin by getting to know more about you and your life, both in the present and in the past. What were your experiences that brought you to my office?

Through the forming of the therapeutic relationship, we will explore your thoughts and feelings – both the ones that serve you well and those that no longer serve your life. We delve into those areas in your life that cause you pain and prevent you from leaving joyfully.

We can explore the core beliefs that have both led you to where you are and how they have gotten in the way.

I have 20 years of experience in psychotherapy. After earning my master’s degree in Clinical Social Work in 2002, I worked in community mental health for several years before starting my own practice in 2014.

I have specialized training in Trauma. EMDR and Group Therapy. I am also offering Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). I work with adults, both young and seasoned, gay, straight and non-binary.

My style is relaxed, non-judgmental and curious. I am not a “blank slate” therapist and believe in the therapeutic use of “self” whole holding boundaries that protect both you and me.

Guy Croteau - EMDR


Now the more dry information for those who want to know….

LICSW #MA112057

Boston University School of Social Work: Master of Social Work (MSW)(2002)
n University School of Social Work: Post-Graduate Certificate in the Assessment and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (2003)
Northeast Society of Group Psychotherapists: Principles of Group Psychotherapy (2011)
University of Hartford: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (2000)

Boston University School of Medicine GMS, 2018-2022, Process Group Leader
Boston University School of Medicine GMS, 2017, Adjunct Instructor, Group Theory
Fenway Co
mmunity Health, 2008-2015, Staff Psychotherapist
Medical Psychology Center, Beverly MA, 2005-2008, Psy
North Suffolk Mental Health, Revere MA, 2002-2006, Psychotherapist


Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (2015-present)

President of the Northeast Society of Group Psychotherapists (2022-2024)

Board Member of the Northeast Society of Group Psychotherapists (2016-2021).

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